"We just hosted him for the second time this year.
First time was for a Shabbaton where he did his "Gathering the Sparks" act and he was great.
This time, he was Master of Ceremonies for our annual fundraiser. He had an extremely diverse crowd laughing their heads off. Reuven is just as funny (or more funny) than the non frum (or Jewish) comedians out there but we did not have to sit at the edge of our seats and worry "what will he say next." We introduced him as the funniest Chabadnik and he made a kiddush Hashem.
I highly recommend him and you can contact me personally at rabbi@uptownchabad.com"
-Moshe Steiner

"3 thumbs up!…Reuven has a unique ability to entertain and touch Jews from all walks of life."
- Rabbi Shlomo Kugel
Director, Chabad Upper West Side N.Y.C.

"Mr. Russell pulls you into his world with laughter, drama, and tears."
- Arie Posin, screenwriter
Audiences have laughed themselves silly at:
S. Diego Repertory Theatre
Atlanta JCC
Boston University
Syracuse University
SUNY Buffalo
SUNY Albany
SUNY Binghamton
Ivy League Torah Study Program
Lubavitch Youth Organization
Camp Morasha
Camp Mesorah
Jewish Renaissance Festival
Jewish Enrichment Center (LA)
Maimonides High School (Boston)
Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush
Yeshiva University of LA
Sephardic Educational Center (LA)
United Israel Appeal of Canada
Torah Outreach Project
Chabad of Long Island
Chabad of Northridge (CA)
  Chabad of Greater South Bay (CA)
Chabad of Northern Virginia
Chabad of Atlanta
Chabad of La Jolla (CA)
Chabad of S. Monica
Chabad of Toronto
Chabad of the Upper West Side (NY)
Chabad of St.Louis
Chabad of Montreal
Chabad of Detroit (Long Lake)
Chabad of the High Desert (CA)
Chabad of Natick (MA)
Chabad of West Hartford
Chabad of New Haven
Chabad of West Bay (RI)
Chabad of Burlington (VT)
Chabad of Cheviot Hills (CA)
Chabad of Tijuana
Chabad of Louisville
Chabad of the Loop (Chicago)